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Anonymous asked:

I know you're a Kristen fan, I am too, but do you feel bad for Rob. Just a little? He loved Kristen so much and she's just dating some girl now after dumping him on his birthday


what are you talking about? we don’t know anything about what happened between these two when they separated last year so i don’t feel sorry for anyone. what makes you be so sure she ‘dumped’ him? assuming stuff like that is just stupid and pretty pointless

No, Rob dumped her. He found out Kristen was still in contact with Rupert. They were still flirting behind his back. He found out on his B’Day. Worst thing to happen on one’s b’day.
It’s ok to be somebody’s fan, but what is wrong is wrong. You cannot just turn blind. “We don’t know what happened between these two?”… For God’s sake, reallyyyy? You don’t know? Huh!

***And I don’t know why people ask you questions about Rob or Kristen. You are not her close friend or spokesperson. Stop acting like you are someone close to KScrew.

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